Artistic Heritage, public mural

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Artistic Heritage

Bolen Studio Building | 85 West Main Street | Hindman, KY


Acrylic on concrete, 10′ x 23′


Left to right:


In mid-2009, Lacy Hale began missing the incredible people and beautiful scenery of her hometown. She began thinking of a way that she could pay homage to the area’s rich artistic and cultural heritage and raise the community’s awareness of the importance of art. She drafted some sketches and approached the Appalachian Artisan Center in Hindman, Kentucky.

The Artisan Center, with funding from TOUR SEKY, helped Lacy realize her dream of making a public piece of art in her community. She and her brother Seth Hale donated roughly 120 hours of their time in executing the final project.


 Work in progress:

The original sketch for the mural.


Lacy lays in some color for the sky.


The early view from across the street- mountains are forming.


The people are starting to take shape.


Using a stencil to make the quilt pattern.


Lacy and Seth at the unveiling in December 2010.


Lacy would like to thank Mike Mullins from the Hindman Settlement School for helping her choose which artisans to be included in the piece, Hindman Student Ministries and Steven Bell for donating ladders, chairs, and their facilities, everyone at the Artisan Center, TOUR SEKY, and of course the families of all the artisans that were included in the project.


Design by Lacy Hale.
Painting by Lacy Hale and her brother, Seth Hale.


Funding provided by: