Since August of 2018 I've been working with Southeast Community and Technical College (SCTC) and Sassy Trash, LLC. in Harlan, Kentucky to make this mural a realization. As part of a grant that SCTC received, I was asked to do a mural based on local flora and fauna. Because Harlan has the Poke Sallet Festival every year, we decided on poke weed and because poke is spread through animals eating the berries, a baby opossum is reaching for some ripening berries.

Using a new technique learned at last years Mountain Mural Mega Fest, I laid out a paint by number system on a polytab material so that the Harlan County High School students could paint the underpainting. After that was completed, I took the polytab back to my workspace and completed the overpainting.

The 700+ square feet mural was installed at this year's Mural Fest in Harlan. We had several Fest attendees assist in install. After the poke and opossum were installed, a blue tailed skink was installed on the side of the building. Because poke berries ripen the same time that the state flower, Goldenrod, blooms, I included goldenrod on the corner of the building. As a complimentary color, I added ironweed in front of the goldenrod.

The mural was completed in July of 2019.

Many thanks to all who helped with the mural and to Robert Gipe, Carrie Billet, Alexia Ault, and Marsha Griffey for coordinating and capturing the process on this project.

The mural can be found here.

Opossum and Pokeweed Mural, Harlan, KY