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New Mural In Lexington!

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Late last year I was contacted by the City of Lexington to design a mural to be painted on a traffic median in the Chevy Chase area. They needed something bright, colorful, and abstract to increase the visibility of the median for drivers. As of Monday of this week I completed the mural. I got a lot of great feedback from passersby and was pretty happy with the way it turned out (especially since I had to mix all of the colors from the primaries). Check it out if you're in that area!

No Hate in My Holler

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        In February of this 2017, Neo Nazis announced that they were coming to a town about an hour from where I live. I developed the No Hate in My Holler block print at an art in response event I helped organize at the arts based youth drop-in where I was working at the time. As the image, saying, and hashtag were shared, it began to resonate with people. I started getting requests for merchandise featuring this phrase and image. Journalist Mason Adams contacted me after the tragic events in Charlottesville because the No Hate hashtag began making the rounds again.   To learn more about why I made it, here is Mason's article in The Daily Yonder:  
How #NoHateInMyHoller Became the War Cry for Appalachia

Playing Catch Up

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It's been a while since I updated my website so I'm trying to do that now. I have spoken to college classes about being an artist in eastern Kentucky, I have traveled to Rauschenberg's studio in Florida thanks to a grant that my arts group, EpiCentre Arts received. I have done several commissions and I have started delving deeper into printmaking. I have been very busy making art and teaching people about art. For that I am thankful.    

EpiCentre Arts Receives Rauschenberg Foundation SEED Grant

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More great news! The regional arts group that I co-founded and also coordinate is a Rauschenberg Foundation SEED Grant recipient. This grant will insure that we will have funding for the next three years to increase our capacity and start thinking about doing larger and more meaningful projects. Learn more about it here: http://www.rauschenbergfoundation.org/grants/art-grants/seed

Collaborative Mural Facilitation and Creation for Appalshop’s Performing Our Future Institute

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I facilitated the design and creation of a collaborative mural with a group that consisted of folks from all over the country for Appalshop's Performing Our Future Cultural Institute 24 Hour Visual Art Production Period. This mural idea came about because of the varied backgrounds and histories that each participant carried with them. By each person painting their own 'river,' they celebrated their individuality. As each river flowed, it ended up in a large body of water created from each person's river. In this way, our collective humanity was celebrated.

Life is Busy and Good

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Life has been hectic, creative, exciting, and exhausting. I have decided to begin treating the 'News' section of this site as a sort of blog. I so rarely keep up with my website and I think this may encourage me to do more housekeeping. This year is the first year since becoming a professional artist three years ago that I can see things happening and feel that this lifestyle may actually work out. I really suppose it happened after my brother and I completed the Tulip Poplar mural in Lexington, KY last year. This year has been full of commissions, leading classes and workshops, working with non-profits, speaking to a White House representative about the arts in EKY, and meeting the chair of the National Endowment of the Arts when she made her visit to Whitesburg, KY in April. I was appointed to the board of the Kentucky Arts Council at the beginning of this year and recently attended my third meeting. I have written three grant proposals in the past four months and am keeping my fingers crossed for those.

I recently added my art story to the National Endowment for the Arts for their 50th anniversary. You can read it here and add your own: http://arts.gov/50th/stories/lacy-hale I am so thankful that I live in a rural town in eastern Kentucky and I am making a way with my art.

Hale_9401                                       Self portrait with Snake, Oil on Canvas, 2015

Lacy Hale Appointed to the Board of the Kentucky Arts Council

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11025772_732901213475208_7327604936424791931_n In February of 2015, Lacy was appointed by the Governor of the state of Kentucky to serve on the board of the Kentucky Arts Council! Her term will run for four years, until February of 2019.  

EpiCentre Arts Picking Up Steam

by lacy

EpiCentreArtsLogo-01The arts group, EpiCentre Arts, that I co-founded a little over a year ago is starting to get a great following and is working in the community of Letcher County, KY to increase the visibility of the arts in both the county and the region. Having just finished a series of free visual arts workshops set in four different communities in the county, we are moving forward to engage the community in more arts related events.  If you would like to read more about EpiCentre and the work we're doing, you can find more information here: www.facebook.com/EpiCentreArtsEKY

Sketching and Planning

by lacy

1531995_533357406762924_256391909_nDoing a little bit of sketching and planning. I have a lot of projects that are coming up in the next few months and they promise to be exciting. I will add updates as I can.

New Work, New Exhibits, New Collaborations! And a newly updated website coming soon!

by lacy

There have been so many exciting things happening over the past year that this website has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. Please stay tuned to see images of new work, hear about new exhibits and collaborations with other artists and a general update of this website! Thanks for checking in and please come back!